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Projects based engineering and manufacturing are temporary activities by nature, designed to deliver unique goals and business objectives, with project resources released of their operational roles at project completion.

With less focus on skills development, enterprises may end up as unsuccessful business endeavors. We at WHIM as engineering and resource experts, understand how hard it can be to build up the knowledge, team and access to all the critical resources, whilst also reducing cost, to meet requirements of technically savvy customers. We work with these businesses to solidify adoption of their process and provide the discipline that will guarantee long-term success. We provide cost-saving temporary project design, engineering and management resources to meet the needs for any contract length.

Engineering Resources

  • Design and Detail Engineering
  • Drawing
  • Documentation
  • ...more

Sales Resources

  • Representation in international markets
  • Foreign visits on behalf of customers
  • Sales team training and development
  • ...more

Site Services

  • Provide input for product improvement
  • Product review and support
  • complete range of after sales
  • ...more

Supply chain Resources

  • Introduction to new opportunities worldwide
  • Local support in foreign countries
  • Enhanced control on distant suppliers
  • ...more