WHIM engineering is committed to leading the industry with:

  • Next-generation mechanical, electrical & technology engineering practices for existing, new and upcoming projects
  • Most effective and efficient approaches to improve sales and profitability
We work closely with our clients and partners to fully understand the challenge at hand and get involved practically adding value to their engineering, sales and resource operations.

We are not an EPC firm, architect, builder or design house.

We are an internationally connected cooperation of engineering businesses that bring together an independent professional external engineering and resource service for:

  • Manufacturers
  • Skid packagers
  • EPC firms
  • Engineers

Our service is primarily focused on bespoke manufacturing and innovation within the following industrial sectors worldwide:

  • Energy
  • Power Generation
  • Heat Recovery
  • Petrochemical
  • Water and Waste

We research, develop, implement, manage and deliver turn-key solutions.  Our clients benefit from:

  • Our local presence
  • Access to international selected and reliable partners
  • Cost savings

Mission statement

To be the leading dependable, affordable, external engineering and resource partner that businesses rely on to resolve issues and bridge gaps between project conception, execution and actual delivery stages. We view clients as partners where mutual respect, trust and integrity lead to long-term relationships over multiple projects.

Our philosophy

We believe that to succeed we must contribute to the success of our clients. Our performance and abilities are only as good as the clients we can attract, develop and retain. Foundation of our philosophy is to develop and embrace new technologies and methodologies to the advantage of our clients, partners and our business. We promote collaboration between our international partners and work with them to deliver best results to our clients. It is our view that growth of our business must be in response to fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Our objectives

  • Experts in the selected fields of engineering and resources in which we choose to practice
  • Transform knowledge into value for our clients, partners and communities benefit
  • Technologically advanced, while practical and business oriented
  • Recognize and reward excellence and achievement
  • A partner of choice for our clients by:
    • Adding value to their projects
    • Being worthy of their confidence by remaining accountable for our actions
    • Delivering services based on real needs
    • Filling gaps in value proposition in a cost-effective manner
    • Promoting a working environment which is conducive to innovative thinking and solutions
    • Fostering a unified corporate culture